A planet scale, highly available, transactional database

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A cure for consistency under partitioning

AntidoteDB operations is based on the principle of synchronization-free execution. Similarly to NOSQL, it provides fault-tolerance and high availability, but unlike NOSQL, AntidoteDB provides highly available SQL transactions that makes developement easy.

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High-level replicated data types that are designed to work correctly in the presence of concurrent updates and partial failures.

Highly Available Transactions

Traditional ACID transactions were built for single-machine deployments. It is expensive to implement ACID transactions in distributed deployments. On the other hand, highly-available transactions (HAT) provide strong consistency within a data center, but still perform well in geo-replicated deployments.


Designed to run on multiple servers in locations distributed world-wide. It provides continuous functioning even when there are failures or network partition.

How does Antidote compare?

Traditional RDBMS NoSQL Other NewSQL AntidoteDB
Available under network partitioning (AP)
ACD Transactions
Global low latency

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